Do we charge a percentage-based commission fee?

No. We have a defined pricelist for our services. Prices vary from €30-200, depending on the tax return, and if the tax return amount exceeds approx. €2,500 the commission is then formed. You’ll receive a preliminary price prior to the actual decision.

Can I send the documents via email?

Of course you can, Scan the documents and send them to use for a free-of-charge preliminary quote.

Will I receive a free-of-charge quote prior to using your services?

Yes, you’ll receive all the information on your return and the amount which we charge for our services.

Will the tax return be transferred directly to my account?

We don’t transfer the return to our account.
Yes, you’ll receive the tax return directly from the tax office of the country in which you have the right to the tax return.

How long do I have to wait for the tax return?

The period for the return depends on the country and the tax year. Sometimes, it lasts only 4 weeks. The average period is about 3-4 months, but you should be aware that sometimes the tax return may last significantly longer in cases where the tax office requests additional information for the tax form for certain reasons.

Do I have to notify about my income earned abroad, even though I pay tax there?

In certain cases, there is an obligation to inform the Tax Administration of income earned abroad and paid tax within a stipulated period. You can leave your concern regarding what to do to us.

Are we obliged to submit an annual tax form for income earned abroad?

The obligation to submit an annual tax form is regulated by the Income Tax Act for residents who have earned an income abroad, but only in certain cases.

Do I have to submit a JOPPD form to the Tax Administration?

The Ordinance on Income Tax defines situations where you must submit a JOPPD form each month to the relevant Tax Administration branch. Should you entrust us with this task, we will submit the JOPPD forms via e-Tax Administration instead of you.

Can I receive child allowance if I am working abroad while my family is still living in Croatia?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. It depends, for instance, on your income earned in that foreign country and the number of months of work, whether the other family members have earned an income in Croatia, whether you have the right to child allowance in Croatia, and the like. Contact us for advice concerning additional information and we’ll review your specific case.

What are the basic conditions for obtaining child allowance?

Child allowance can be received for all children up to a certain age, most often 18 years of age, under the condition that they live in an EU/EEA country or Croatia.